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Don Giovanni

Published by: Irish Reviewers on 8th Oct 2012 | View all blogs by Irish Reviewers

LA Opera presents us with “Don Giovanni” until October 14th 2012. The amazing Dorothy Chandler Pavilion opera house brings the finest level of entertainment in LA with opera of world class calibre, enriching the leisure time of all its patrons. For a list of the up and coming shows for 2013 you can visit

Saturday night arrived and Mr Handsome and I set off for the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion in Downtown LA. We got our parking under the building for $9. The Pavilion is enchanting as its gives way to an elegant courtyard with fountains. There were many choices of food and liquor. We indeed fitted in some tacos, salad and fresh salmon with wine as the opera is 3 hours and 25 minutes long including a short intermission. We looked over the beautifully lit fountain as night was about to fall. We engaged with many fine young men and woman in the courtyard who all looked dashing. Everyone shared their anticipation of Don Giovanni and confessed how it is nice to have a night off from being a doctor or lawyer, e.t.c.

Tick tock! We were pleasantly ushered to our seats as the performance was about to begin at 7.30 pm. As the curtain drew we were introduced to the belle’s of society, Don Giovanni and his servant, Leporello. The opera is in Italian with English subtitles. What really begins to amaze you is the singing voices. The main cast of eight will move you with their outstanding talent. The extraordinary cast and creative team bring you on a mesmerising journey, taking you back to the 1700’s as the dazzling costumes, superb characters and swift set changes is brought to life to bring you on a journey like no other in Los Angeles. LA Opera truly gives you a night to remember and memories that will not fade fast!

Don Giovanni was written by Mozart in the 1700’s and is a story about a young, arrogant, sexually promiscuous nobleman, Don Giovanni, who abuses and outrages everyone else in the cast, until he encounters something he cannot kill, beat up, dodge, or outwit. We are brought on a journey of an incredibly handsome womanizer. We see the pretty young women dealing with Giovanni’s devilish ways until the plot thickens.  Don Giovanni deftly balances comedy and tragedy with unforgettable music.

Conducted by James Conlon, the orchestra sits in a pit in front of the stage. The orchestra will give you the icing on your cake. From violins, cellos, and clarinets, they belt out the spectacular sounds of Mozart. James Conlon brilliantly conducts them with his floppy hair, fast movement and baton.

Tickets are roughly priced from $19 - $304 and can be purchased here:





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