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Derren Brown - Underground at Theatre Royal, Glasgow

Published by: Cameron Lowe on 6th Jun 2018 | View all blogs by Cameron Lowe


Review by David McCourt


Knowing something of how Derren’s show might go I found myself walking to the venue in Glasgow checking every sign post or advertising board for subliminal messages or suggestions of options people may be persuaded to choose during the show. In the theatre, again I couldn’t find anything that I thought would persuade me to make any unintentional choices. Or so I thought…


Derren appears on stage and instantly has you in the palm of his hand. His confidence on stage and presence immediately puts you at ease as he talks about the show all being about 5 secrets. The secrets (which shall remain as such) are the core of the show ... and boy what a show!


There are many words to describe Derren’s show. Spellbinding, Amazing, Unbelievable. It makes you question what is reality and what is fantasy. When the man is on stage, some 20 feet in front of you - totally live - there is no way there are any camera tricks or setups. It’s just not possible, he has nowhere to hide. The show is a combination of all Derren’s abilities. He is an accomplished magician and his love of magic stems from his ‘Papa’ who was, himself, a talented magician. During the show you also find out that Derren learned how to be a hypnotist so he would be more popular. After he’d become a master of both of these, he studied Psychology and has gone on to further master the art of persuasion which, in truth, he demonstrates with great affect. The show is full of good humour the odd mild profanity all of which is in context.


Some of the elements are simply awe inspiring; even showcasing Mr Brown's artistic skills upon occasion!  The original presentation style is a huge winner for the audience.  And all the while, Derren Brown adds seemingly random and unpredictable elements into the tricks ... and yet, the outcome is ALWAYS as he has predicted!!  Incredible.  Derren's quick wit and instant rapport with the audience keeps us enthralled even while we scratch our heads wondering how he did THAT one!!


Throughout the show your concentration is heightened as there are things that if you blink you will literally miss.  The banana, for example (all will make sense when you go see the show). The second half continues with more mind blowing skill. However, telling you about the main event would just spoil it for you.  So, I’m afraid, that will need to remain a SECRET!!!

If you are in two minds about whether to go to see this show ... keep one mind as a spare, as the mind you take with you will be blown!


Derren Brown - Underground

Theatre Royal, Glasgow

05/06/18 - 09/06/18

Tickets £22.90 - £46.90

0844 871 7648* calls cost up to 7 p per minute plus your phone company’s access charge





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