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Published by: Cameron Lowe on 29th May 2013 | View all blogs by Cameron Lowe
Review by Graham Clark

Derren Brown - Infamous

Is Derren Brown a magician, an illusionist, a hypnotist or an entertainer?  Actually he is all these things and more.

His current touring show “Derren Brown – Infamous” is a captivating and mind boggling production which makes you think “how did he do that?”

Before Brown enters the stage, a voice warns that “there should be no photos, if you leave the auditorium you will not be allowed back in and that of you feel light headed at any point during the show, look away from the stage”.

A spotlight shines on Brown as he sits on a chair on a barren empty stage. He informs us how he was bullied at school and about his homosexuality. The audience are mostly aged under 30 and for many of them it looked like their first visit to the theatre.

Within the first hour he had correctly named what course a student was on and the name of her cat and had the audience standing on their feet as he tried to hypnotise everyone. One male from the audience ended up on stage with Brown as he hypnotised him for the length of the interval.

During the second half the man awoke from his sleep and correctly guessed what his cousin, who was in the audience, had drawn on a piece of card.

Brown’s power of memory was impressive as he read out bus routes from a book another member of the audience was holding. He then impressively listed the names in backwards order of the people he had spoken to during the night.

The 2 hour show passed too quickly.  It is a show that you would like to see again to see if you can fathom how he performs his tricks.

An entertaining, engaging and mesmerising show that leaves you in awe and wonderment.

Derren Brown Live 2013

27 May - 01 June 2013
Alhambra Theatre

Tickets £32.50 - £38.00

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