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Delightfully kitsch - The Wedding Singer at the Bristol Hippodrome

Published by: G.D. Mills on 17th Mar 2017 | View all blogs by G.D. Mills


 I arrived uncharacteristically early for this show and for twenty minutes or so, as I sat in the auditorium, projected trailers from classic 80s films (E.T. ,The Goonies, Desperately Seeking Susan) transported me back to my childhood. It was an oddly nostalgic experience and put me in exactly the right frame of mood for the 80s fest that was to follow. The musical reprises the outrageously kitch 1998 film version which, starring Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore, grossed over one hundred and twenty three dollars worldwide.  

The story is simple: a wedding singer is jilted at the altar, hits the rocks, but is slowly drawn out of the doldrums by a waitress already betrothed to a shallow yuppie. I’m sure you can complete the narrative circle.

The music is pure 80s pastiche, and the backing dancers jolt frenetically to the synthesized beat with alarming savagery. The performances are exceptionally professional, seamless even, but like a perfectly iced wedding cake one longs to pierce the surface.

Jon Robyns as Robbie is amusing as the forlorn, broken figure living in his grandmother’s basement, thrashing out angry chords like a beleaguered teenager, while Cassie Compton plays an endearingly perky waitress with a delightful jounce in her step.

There is something mesmerising about the persistent backdrop: total blackness like deep space, dotted with stars. For all this, however, the storyline is drawn out and after a while each musical number begins to sound suspiciously like the last.

Overall, great fun while it lasts but instantly forgettable.  Catch it on tour now. Visit



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