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CATS at the Kings Theatre, Glasgow

Published by: Cameron Lowe on 18th Sep 2013 | View all blogs by Cameron Lowe

CATS land firmly on all fours at the Kings, Glasgow!


Cats 2013 Tour

There are few shows that can truly be described as a ‘phenomenon’ – but CATS is one of them.  Irrepressible and perennial, it is one of the best loved and longest running musicals in history . . . and for good reason.  Characterisation, music and dance are brought together so seamlessly that the audience are immersed in the experience from the moment that the first chord is struck.

Anyone hoping for something “fresh” from this tour of Cats will be disappointed.  The costumes, staging, music and choreography are sacrosanct and timeless.  From the audience reaction, I could not identify anyone who looked disappointed.  Now over 30 years old, this show remains technically astonishing and there is no evidence that production values have slipped over time.  In fact, the lighting bars seemed to be literally creaking under the weight of a dazzling array of technical wizardry to support the magical performances on stage.


Mungojerrie and Rumpleteazer

This is truly an ‘ensemble’ piece but, like a house full of feline pets, Barnaby Thompsoneveryone has their favourite cat!  For me, this honour goes tJoseph Poultono two cats; namely Mungojerrie and Rumpleteazer (played by Barnaby Thompson and Katie Warsop) who danced, cavorted and tumbled through their showcase number leaving the audience more breathless than they were!  Of course mention Katie Warsopmust be made of the magical Mr. Mistoffelees (Joseph Poulton) who literally had his tail and the audience in a spin.  Safe to say that each member of the cast made the most of their opportunity when the limelight was focussed upon them while remaining faultlessly in character when it was not!

Given the demands on the cast I find it remarkable that the producers continue to find new generations of performers capable of such a quality performance.  The original cast list read like a “Who’s Who” of 1980’s theatre culture (Elaine Paige, Wayne Sleep, Bonny Langford, Brian Blessed, Paul Nicholas, Rosemary Ford, et al).  The 2013 touring cast can walk tall in their footsteps.

You can forget ‘nine lives’ … CATS will live forever!

CATS, King’s Theatre, Bath Street, Glasgow

Monday 16  - Saturday 28 Sept

Mon – Sat eves 7.30pm

Wed & Sat mats 2.30pm

Tickets: £10 - £37.50

0844 871 7648 (bkg fee)



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