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CATS at Bradford Alhambra

Published by: Cameron Lowe on 26th Apr 2013 | View all blogs by Cameron Lowe
Review by Graham Clark

Joseph Poulton as Mistoffelees, Photo Alessandro Pinna

The West End production of this long running musical has returned to the Bradford Alhambra for a 2 week run which finishes on Saturday 4 May.


There is not so much as a plot or a storyline to the musical: the set is an old rubbish tip under the light of the full moon where the cats are all meeting for the Jellicle Ball.


As the night unfolds each cat is introduced to the audience, with most of the cats making their entrance through the stalls of the theatre as they prance and purr their way onto the stage.


With characters like Mungojerrie and Rumpleteaser who perform acrobatics to the magical tricks that Mistoffelees (played by Joseph Poulton, pictured) entertains everyone with, the show moved along at a fast pace.


Understudy Alice Redmond was a delight as she played Grizabella, the cat whose beauty had now faded in old age. Her version of "Memory" brought a tingle to the spine. The lyrics of the song made more sense in the context of the musical as Grizabella was left alone by the other cats, leaving her alone with her memories.


Melissa-James-as-Bombalurina-and-Lily-Frazer-as-Demeter_Photo-Alessandro-PinnaThe superb cast danced with expert timing and sang non-stop for over 2 hours. The lighting was more like that of a rock concert and the special effects included a flying saucer that went up vertically above the stage and a podium that took Grizabella to the heavens.


As the cats paraded within the audience during the show, the audience were made to feel part of the show.


For anyone with even a slight interest in a feel good musical, this show is sheer purrfection!


23 April - 04 May 2013  Book now (booking fee)



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