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Barnum - Sheffield Lyceum

Published by: Paul Tyree on 9th Apr 2015 | View all blogs by Paul Tyree


A Cameron Mackintosh/ Michael Harrison Presentation 

of the Mark Bramble/ Michael Stewart/ Cy Coleman Musical


Review by Paul Tyree

This barnstorming musical featuring Brian Conley as Phineas T Barnum is quite literally one of the best musicals I have ever been fortunate enough to see. I know this because my friend who accompanied me hates musicals and she absolutely loved it, even going so far to say that it had changed how she saw Brian Conley - a fact he would be thrilled by.

Telling the story of PT Barnum and his wife as she supports his dreams and helps him realise them it features some excellent songs, but it is in the performances where this musical really comes alive. 

As you would expect the feeling of circus and show folk is all around you in the auditorium as you are entertained by some fantastic talent. From juggling to tightrope walking you really feel that the circus truly has come to town.

The direction and the look of the show are first rate and together this company have produced some highly technical set pieces combined with a wonderful sense of comedy which keeps the feel of the show both fresh, lively and more to the point alive. Each moment carries with it an intensity that truly feels electric.

barnum 1

Photography by Michael Le Poer Trench

Brian Conley as you would expect carries this show with a first rate performance full of humour, singing talent and physical dexterity. He is ably supported by Linzi Hately as his wife. She gives a wonderful performance full of pathos and humour and the story they create of their life together is incredibly touching.

Without a doubt there are sometimes musicals that deserve their high reputation and trust me this is certainly one of them.


14 - 25 APRIL 2015

OR CALL 0844 8482700

Tue - Sat 7.30pm
Wed, Thu & Sat mat 2.30pm




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