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And Then There Were None! by Agatha Christie

Published by: Thia Cooper on 21st Jul 2015 | View all blogs by Thia Cooper


It is testament to the popularity of the theatre and the loyalty of the audience they have built up over the years and to the varied programme they put on.

The excellent cast must also have caught the public’s eye!  Paul Nicholas (Sir Lawrence Wargrave), Colin Buchanan (William Blore), Susan Penhaligon (Emily Brent), Mark Curry (Doctor Armstrong), Ben Nealon (Philip Lombard – I thought a bit of romance might have come in there with Vera, but she shot him!) Verity Rushworth, ex-Emmerdale star (Vera Claythorne) and the very versatile Frazer Hines, also ex-Emmerdale (Rogers).

I should have remembered the plot and ‘who done it’, but luckily I didn’t and it was not until the murderer was revealed that it was a case of ‘of course he did it’!!

Based on a rhyme, ten people are invited to come to an island and offered plausible reasons why they should accept the invitation, even though they had no idea who the person was who invited them.

Everyone of them have a secret which involves the death of another person, but had escaped justice.

A gramophone recording after dinner on the first night brought their crimes out into the open. As there was no escape from the island and they gradually get killed off, one by one, the remaining culprits are, naturally suspicious of each other.

 And then there was only one left!  Vera!  But!!!  Hang on!  Guess who faked his death?  You’ll have to go to see the play to find out!  I can’t possibly ruin it for you!!!



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