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Published by: Jon Cuthbertson on 21st Oct 2015 | View all blogs by Jon Cuthbertson

100 years after writing her first novel, Agatha Christie still has audiences in the palm of her hand. And Then There Were None was the first time Christie had adapted one of her own novels for the stage - even altering the ending during rehearsals. However in this Anniversary production the ending has been changed (don't worry - I'm not going to tell you whodunnit in the opening paragraph!) - but all the dialogue has been lifted from Christie's own words from the novel itself.


Christie's clever writing is a both a dream and a curse for a director. All the scenes take place in one set over a finite period of time - therefore no huge scene changes to worry about. However, the downside means that you rely heavily on the dialogue. Luckily, the writing itself has some wit and humour alongside some instantly recognisable characters. Joe Harmston is an old hand with Christie, having directed every production since the inception of The Agatha Christie Theatre Company nearly 10 years ago, and his skill shows in this production too. The first scene in this play is a difficult one for any director - with 10 characters to introduce, 10 back stories to tell and a "whodunnit" scenario to set up, this scene can be very slow and wordy. However, with such a vibrant cast, this production manages to save this scene from monotony.


Stand out is Kezia Burrows as Vera Claythorne - showing off Roberto Surace's costumes to full advantage - whose energy and timing is excellent. Her chemistry with Ben Nealon, in his regular role as the charmer with a past, provides much of the central frisson of this show. The story is one of Agatha Christie's more complicated plots - 10 people are brought to an island home, where each of them are murdered one by one, seemingly in line with a rhyme they find on the wall - 10 Little Soldier Boys (although this title has been changed a number of times to be "politically correct"). The cast work well together to create the characters and the subtext between each other. Mark Curry (former Blue Peter presenter) was a revelation in the role of Rogers, the manservant of the home. He handles some very difficult scenes very well and showed what an excellent actor he is, particularly among such a strong, well known cast. Deborah Grant brings her acerbic wit and superb delivery and timing to the role of the pretentious Emily Brent (although I'm hopeful for a further tour of Black Coffee to see her excellent performance as Miss Caroline Amory again!). Star billing was given to Paul Nicholas, as Sir Lawrence Wargrave - a rather hawkish old Judge who had very staunch views on justice. I've not always been a fan of Mr Nicholas' work, but this role has pulled him back on track and has let me see what Mr Kenwright must see in him.

It would be remiss not to mention Simon Scullion's excellent design - the epic circular window and art deco ornaments and flooring instantly set the period for this piece. It's just a shame that the rigours of touring are starting to show with some patchy areas at the edges of what is a majestic set being the only downside to this entire production. However, this small detail will not get in the way of your enjoyment of another fantastic recreation of a classic Agatha Christie tale.


Don't wait too long to get your tickets for this production - you'd hate to eventually get all built up to see the show, go to get tickets, "And Then There Were None"...(sorry - it was just too much of a line to resist trying to make it fit in about tickets somewhere!). Ignoring the poor pun - don't miss another stunning Agatha Christie Theatre Company production at the Theatre Royal Glasgow, or touring to Edinburgh and Aberdeen over the next few weeks.

Listing Information

And Then There Were None

Theatre Royal Glasgow

Mon 19 – Sat 24 Oct 2015

Mon – Sat eves 7.30pm

Thu & Sat mats 2.30pm

Box Office 0844 871 7647 (bkg fee) Calls cost 7p per minute plus your phone company’s access charge (bkg fee)


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  • Cameron Lowe
    by Cameron Lowe 2 years ago
    Thanks, Jon. Sounds like a great show.
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