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American Idiot - UK Tour - Mayflower, Southampton - 10th October 2012

Published by: Andrew Tickner on 26th Oct 2012 | View all blogs by Andrew Tickner


Having been a Green Day fan for almost two decades, I was delighted to see that "American Idiot" was coming over the UK from Broadway.

 I have to say, overall this show was slightly above average. Considering that Green Day's 2004 album "American Idiot" is a highly political statement of an album with a equally political, although lacking, following album "21st Century Breakdown", I was expecting a powerful and moving show interlaced with classic and great Green Day tracks.


 The technical production was fantastic and the music was great. However, the choreography was uninspiring and at times resembled little more than a "mosh pit" with the cast resorting to stereotypical "head banging" as if that was the best the choreography could come up with at the time; and to be honest as a rock fan of many years, found quite offensive, as did many other audience members I spoke with after the show.

 Finally, when it comes to the story holding all this together, to say I have seen pornographic movies with more of a story would be an understatement and a huge disservice to the movies. 

Don't get me wrong here. The story, although very basic, was there; although the additional information in the programme adds a vast amount to the understanding of what the writers were trying to get across.  However, having to get the background and basis of the story from this is concerning.

Also, I cannot take anything away from the cast, the performers were excellent, energetic and enthusiastic; and the production itself is quite a ground breaking format.  But that doesn't take away the feeling that something important is missing. 

 Overall - Average. if you are a fan of the music, it is worth seeing; however don't expect to see something with an enthralling story or anything as politically charged and the albums the music comes from.



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