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Agatha Christie’s Black Coffee, Theatre Royal Glasgow 3rd -8th November 2014

Published by: Jon Cuthbertson on 4th Nov 2014 | View all blogs by Jon Cuthbertson

The Agatha Christie Theatre Company have built up quite a following over the last few years. With a number of tours under their belt, we now get a chance to see one of her greatest characters make an appearance. Jason Durr (pictured below) is an exceptional Hercule Poirot – his portrayal of the Belgian detective is virtually a lesson in characterisation. The accent never falters or seems affected, the walk is both precise and natural and the fastidious little twitches that nod to David Suchet’s previous incarnation keep all fans happy.

 Black Coffee.jpg

By no means, however, is this a one man show. Ably supporting Mr Durr is a strong cast lead by Deborah Grant as Miss Caroline Amory. Channelling Maggie Smith’s Downton Abbey Dowager, Ms Grant delivers some biting “ignorant insults” in Act 1, bringing a real vibrancy to the opening scenes of the show. Bouncing along with equal vim and vigour was a charming Felicity Houlbrooke as her niece Barbara. With probably one of the more difficult roles, Georgina Leonidas (of Harry Potter fame) proved that she has the acting chops to deliver.


Despite being set in only one room, this show had a filmic feel – Simon Scullion’s set and Douglas Kuhrt’s lighting design, combined with smart use of tremolo strings to highlight the drama (from Sound Designer, Matthew Bugg) showed how deft a touch Joe Harmston has. His feel for Agatha Christie has been evident in the last few productions and is just as strong here. Add to this some sumptuous costumes from Nikki Bird and you have no problem in believing that you are in that front room with all the suspects.


As for the story itself – well even the programme has clues to some of the cast members, so that in itself confirms how little I can tell you (just hope you are good at anagrams!), but there is indeed a murder, a number of suspects and plenty of chances for the audience to work it out alongside the brilliant mind of Hercule Poirot.


Aside from one dodgy accent, this was a very polished production and one any fan of Agatha Christie would want to see – grab your tickets now and see if you can work out whodunnit!

Listing Information


Mon – Sat eves 7.30pm

Thu & Sat mats 2.30pm

Box Office 08448 717 647 (bkg fee) (bkg fee) 


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  • Cameron Lowe
    by Cameron Lowe 3 years ago
    Thanks, Jon. This sounds like it ticks all the boxes for any apiring detectives or established Agatha Christie fans! Regarding whoddunnit ... who done what? The murder, or the dodgy accent? :-)
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