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Acorn Antiques - The Lyceum Theatre - Sheffield

Published by: Paul Tyree on 20th Mar 2013 | View all blogs by Paul Tyree

Acorn Antiques - The Musical!

Tue 19 – Sat 23 March


Presented at The Lyceum - Sheffield

Crofthouse Theatre Company

Acorn Antiques are are under threat from new property developers so Miss Babs, Miss Berta and Mrs Overall have to find a way to save the shop and themselves in this all singing and dancing version of the popular sketch from Victoria Wood’s tv show.

Helen Kempton steals the show as Mrs Overall, expertly  capturing the look, sound and comic timing of Julie Walters to perfection. Louise Walker as Miss Berta is also marvellous and displays a voice that could easily hold up on any professional stage. In fact all of the performers acquit themselves well in this romp that is perhaps most suited to the amateur stage, considering its subject matter.

Expertly performed and directed this is a decent night in the theatre for many reasons. It is wonderful to see Mrs Overall again and some of the sight gags that break theatrical convention work wonderfully well.

However it is precisely these things that also highlight how uneven and awkward some of the rest of this script is. Many of the songs feel like padding and carry little weight and whilst there are a number of gags that hit home, there are also far more that fall flat, and that is in no way the fault of the performers.

Indeed you feel that the weak link in all of this, funnily enough is Victoria Wood herself, who has taken a brief moment of genius on a tv show and reworked it into a rather flat and formulaic night in the theatre. This shouldn ‘t however reflect on the company who all acquit themselves well. In fact, if you missed this in the West End,  then I’ve no doubt that this production is very near its equal, so you could do worse than checking it out at The Lyceum whilst it’s still around. Playing until Saturday.


Wed 20 Mar 7:15pm   £10.00 - £20.00 Book Tickets
Thu 21 Mar 7:15pm   £10.00 - £20.00 Book Tickets
Fri 22 Mar 7:15pm   £10.00 - £20.00 Book Tickets
Sat 23 Mar 2:00pm   £10.00 - £20.00 Book Tickets
Sat 23 Mar 7:15pm   £10.00 - £22.00 Book Tickets

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  • Cameron Lowe
    by Cameron Lowe 5 years ago
    Thanks, Paul. Shame this fell a little flat ... Dickenson's Real Deal - The Musical, anyone?
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