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A Christmas Carol - Lyceum Theatre - Sheffield

Published by: Paul Tyree on 6th Nov 2013 | View all blogs by Paul Tyree

'A Christmas Carol' - Review by Paul Tyree

Northern Ballet last night rang in the first chimes of Christmas with their fantastic adaptation of Dickens A Christmas Carol.

As I'm sure we'll all be familiar with the tale I'll dispence with the traditional plot review and go straight on to talk about the production.

Firstly the look and feel of this production is absolutely sumptuous. Lez Brotherston's set and costume designs are nothing short of genius. You are immediately transported back to victorian england and the world of Dickens.

Secondly the score and the orchestra provide us with a magnificent landscape of sound which breathes more than just music into the air but often times serves the story and dancers, almost giving us the impression that the music has become words that we can understand.

David Nixon has choreographed a beautiful ballet which also gives us moments of high entertainment. The dancers compliment each other beautifully and you can't help but admire the choregraphy that tells this complicated story with seaming ease.

Split into three acts by two intervals, the first act seems to be the solid base from which the performance builds beautifully in the second and then takes off into one of the finest ballets I've seen by the third.

Can't recommend this highly enough.

Wed 6 Nov 7:45pm £15.00 - £35.00
Thu 7 Nov 2:00pm £12.00 - £27.00
Thu 7 Nov 7:45pm £15.00 - £35.00
Fri 8 Nov 7:45pm £17.00 - £37.00
Sat 9 Nov 3:00pm £15.00 - £35.00
Sat 9 Nov 7:45pm £17.00 - £37.00


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  • Cameron Lowe
    by Cameron Lowe 4 years ago
    Thanks, Paul. This sounds excellent.
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